Oscars: Best Picture

With the buzz  for this year’s Academy Awards on the rise, I’m taking a look at the best picture nominees and who I think deserves to win

Avatar: Well, James Cameron is richer than God now. While technically impressive on a scale yet to have been seen, Avatar proved to be an exciting and jaw dropping ride, despite the poor script and so-so dialogue. While it may not be the best film of last year, it’s definitely the most important one of recent memory

The Blindside: the Academy almost had a decently solid selection had it not been for this done-to-death tear jerker they always fall sucker to

District 9: a$30 million sci-fi film that takes in place in South Africa? Oh yes. Neill Blomkamp gives us a summer blockbuster with a pulse and a heart and proves that the genre can compete with the rest of them

An Education: the lesser known of all the films, it is anchored by Carey Mulligan’s performance. Despite the favorable reviews, it stands the least chance of winning

The Hurt Locker: like my pick for favorite summer film, The Hurt Locker is my pick for film of the year. Hopefully Kathryn Bigelow can win this as well as best director

Inglourious Basterds: Tarantino’s return to form after the self-indulgent Death Proof is proof of his weird genius and how much better the cinema world is with him in it

Precious: a harrowing look into a world of abuse and hate, Lee Daniels’ film shocks the viewers with the powerful performances. I hope Mo’Nique’s speech is just as good as the one she did at the Globes

A Serious Man: another critically acclaimed film by the Coen brothers, A Serious Man boasts their taste in odd ball humor mixed with pathos. An engrossing film that deservedly belongs in this list

Up: a personal favorite(hell, who doesn’t love the movie?) from the past year, Pixar’s new film practically dares any other animation studio to go toe-to-toe with their creations, and for very good reason. Too bad its  nomination for best animated film is going to split its votes

Up in the Air: Clooney was made for the role of a traveling employee reaper in this year’s most reflective film

~ by johnkarma on February 19, 2010.

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