New page coming soon

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There’s so much film, music, and literature I’ve consumed over the past few years and in order to maintain a blog that explores what’s currently going on with pop culture without bogging it down with writings about subjects or works from years ago, I’ve decided to dedicate a page called Throwbacks to which I’ll be contributing regularly. While it pretty much lets me indulge in nostalgia, it more importantly allows me to possibly introduce a work to someone that may yet to experience it. While the reasons may seem slightly selfish, I can’t help but help get excited I get when I introduce someone to Brain Michael Bendis’ Daredevil run or have them listen to DJ Shadow’s  Endtroducing….. for the first time. It’s an important part of this blog, especially since much of my past experiences with various form of art have influenced how I view and study it now. I’m extremely nostalgic by nature so hopefully I’ll have plenty to contribute here.


Out for lunch

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Heads up to everyone that reads this (me), I’m currently going to overhaul the content of this blog by starting to write about not only film but music and pop culture in general. I’ve always had a strong appreciation for other forms of art and I hope to cover things from music reviews to rants about older comic book series. I’m definitely excited about where I can go from here and maybe attracting a larger audience. Anyone will do. Please.

Someone Great

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Today it was announced that film critic Roger Ebert passed away at the age of 70 after years of battling thyroid cancer. I’ve never been one to be moved from the death of a famous figure but Ebert’s passing was particularly heartbreaking for me, especially since his writings were responsible for inspiring me to write about film and popular culture. There’s a quick story I have about him that I’ve been telling since the dawn of time but it’s always remained as one of favorite memories. Nine or so years ago, I had just seen The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for the first time and it left an indelible impression on me. So impassioned about the film (it also happens to be my favorite film) was I that I wrote Ebert an ardent email asking as to why he hadn’t placed it in his under his Great Movies section. My writing at the time was amateur at best but I felt so compelled to voice my opinion that I wrote a lengthy letter as to why I felt that it deserved a spot on that list. He had a disclaimer stating that it was rare if he responded to any emails, especially since he received so many on a daily basis. Regardless, I still sent it. And of course, there was never a response and I thought nothing of it, but was satisfied that I had at least made a case for it. Several weeks later as I was browsing his site, I saw that he had added the film to his Great Movies page. I was so bewildered that I started shouting and jumping around, scaring anyone in the vicinity at the time. There was never any mention of me or my letter in his essay, but it was such a surreal and serendipitous moment that it didn’t matter, even to this day. He may have never read it, but it’s a connection I have to him that I will always carry with me. A big void has been left after his passing but he has left behind such an important legacy, not just for me but for anyone that enjoys film. Roger Ebert, thank you for the inspiration and for the unbridled love you showed when writing about film. You will be sorely missed.

Heads Up

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To all the readers out there (namely me), there’s gonna be a sort-of revamp of this blog that will now include writings on music and television, as well as film. As much as I love film, I’ve always loved discussing dissecting other forms of art so I hope that I’m able to write about both subjects as passionately and methodically as possible. And more topics hopefully means more posts, so fingers crossed 

Django Unchained coming together

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According to, Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to be the main villain named Calvin Candie for Quentin Tarantino’ s upcoming film, Django Unchained. Also rumored is Sam Jackson as DiCaprio’s valet and it seems that it’s currently a toss up between Idris Elba, Will Smith, Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx for the role of the protagonist, Django. Christopher Waltz is already confirmed as a bounty hunter that aides Django in search of his wife, held captive by Candie.

Right now, it seems that a lot of the focus is on the casting for Django. Will Smith was first approached for the role but it seems that it’s becoming more and more unlikely. Idris Elba came to the forefront due to an ambiguous tweet that he made a little more than a week ago. Movie gods, please make it Elba. Yes, he’s been in his fair share of bad films (okay, pretty much all of the films he’s been in weren’t exactly winners) but he left a strong lasting impression as Stringer Bell in The Wire. Smith has never done anything of that caliber but what it comes down to is Tarantino’s ability to get memorable performances out of his actors, regardless of past works. Even if Smith happens to get the role over Elba, QT will be able to get the most out of him, but that’s not to say that I won’t be crossing every finger for Elba to get it.

Please, no

And then there’s Leo. The script screams classic Tarantino and the opportunity to watch DiCaprio turn into a slave owner excites me to no end. He has yet to play a villain but this role could do for him what Once Upon a Time in the West did for Henry Fonda. Time will tell, but it sounds like QT has another gem on his hands. Let’s hope that we get to see this one soon.

I’m the Goddamn Batman

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Despite it not being released for another year, it’s hard to think of another film that’s being as closely monitored as Chris Nolan’s upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Someone so much as farts on set and you have half the web in a frenzied state. The attention however, is warranted. There is so much riding on this film that it seems like Nolan has his work cut out for him, yet his ambition and mastery of the craft helps me sleep at night. This will not be a  Spider-Man 3. Unlike the aforementioned film, Nolan plans on finishing the story for story’s sake and not for the sake of studio appeasement. It’s a labor of love, and despite having a $250 million budget and a laughably huge cast, Nolan still doesn’t know the meaning of selling out. It’s not a comic book movie or even pop art. He took a medium associated with tights and one liners and elevated it to the realm of art by grounding the story and characters, giving them emotional depth, something previous comic book films never did. It is, without a doubt, the most important film of next year.

The first official picture from The Dark Knight Rises

At this point, anything you read or hear in regards to plot or story will have to be taken with a grain of salt. In a time where studios bombard audiences with preview after preview of upcoming films, Nolan purposefully keeps a tight lid on his projects, intentionally drip feeding everyone with nuggets of information at his choosing. A cynic could look at it and attribute it to smart marketing, which it is. But it’s more than just that. As I mentioned before, when you over saturate audiences with previews and intense marketing, you start to lose the element of surprise. No one knew what was in store when Inception or The Dark Knight finally came into theaters. Using a now famous viral marketing campaign for his previous Batman film, Nolan let fans figure out information about the film for themselves. It was refreshing and exhilarating trying to second guess what would happen next without being flat out told. That’s not to say that I won’t be pouring over every single last detail or rumor that comes out within the next year. It’s gonna seem like forever, but it’s a safe bet that it’s going to be well worth it.

Guess who’s back, back again…

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So. The last time I said I’d be more consistent about getting my write on, it was almost a year ago. And I felt that I could justify it by saying that my lack of doing posts could be attributed to the lack of prominent film news or something poetic along those lines (it was actually laziness). Let me recap on all the major news that’s happened so far this year:

Pretty much summarizes the year in film so far

  • Hanna was an awesome surprise during an incredibly dull film season
  • 3D is starting to dawn on people that it’s fad…then again, never underestimate the bad taste of the American public
  • Trailer of the year for remake of the year is LEGIT
  • Terrence Malick proved that Texas directors have the chops to go toe to toe with the best of them 

Hmm. Actually, that’s about it. I honestly wish I had pages and pages of legitimate film news to write about, but it looks like slim picking so far. However, an online viral campaign started recently for what is unquestionably the most important film of next year and the subject of my next post…