Guess who’s back, back again…

So. The last time I said I’d be more consistent about getting my write on, it was almost a year ago. And I felt that I could justify it by saying that my lack of doing posts could be attributed to the lack of prominent film news or something poetic along those lines (it was actually laziness). Let me recap on all the major news that’s happened so far this year:

Pretty much summarizes the year in film so far

  • Hanna was an awesome surprise during an incredibly dull film season
  • 3D is starting to dawn on people that it’s fad…then again, never underestimate the bad taste of the American public
  • Trailer of the year for remake of the year is LEGIT
  • Terrence Malick proved that Texas directors have the chops to go toe to toe with the best of them 

Hmm. Actually, that’s about it. I honestly wish I had pages and pages of legitimate film news to write about, but it looks like slim picking so far. However, an online viral campaign started recently for what is unquestionably the most important film of next year and the subject of my next post…


~ by johnkarma on June 6, 2011.

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