Django Unchained coming together

According to, Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to be the main villain named Calvin Candie for Quentin Tarantino’ s upcoming film, Django Unchained. Also rumored is Sam Jackson as DiCaprio’s valet and it seems that it’s currently a toss up between Idris Elba, Will Smith, Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx for the role of the protagonist, Django. Christopher Waltz is already confirmed as a bounty hunter that aides Django in search of his wife, held captive by Candie.

Right now, it seems that a lot of the focus is on the casting for Django. Will Smith was first approached for the role but it seems that it’s becoming more and more unlikely. Idris Elba came to the forefront due to an ambiguous tweet that he made a little more than a week ago. Movie gods, please make it Elba. Yes, he’s been in his fair share of bad films (okay, pretty much all of the films he’s been in weren’t exactly winners) but he left a strong lasting impression as Stringer Bell in The Wire. Smith has never done anything of that caliber but what it comes down to is Tarantino’s ability to get memorable performances out of his actors, regardless of past works. Even if Smith happens to get the role over Elba, QT will be able to get the most out of him, but that’s not to say that I won’t be crossing every finger for Elba to get it.

Please, no

And then there’s Leo. The script screams classic Tarantino and the opportunity to watch DiCaprio turn into a slave owner excites me to no end. He has yet to play a villain but this role could do for him what Once Upon a Time in the West did for Henry Fonda. Time will tell, but it sounds like QT has another gem on his hands. Let’s hope that we get to see this one soon.


~ by johnkarma on June 9, 2011.

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