New page coming soon

There’s so much film, music, and literature I’ve consumed over the past few years and in order to maintain a blog that explores what’s currently going on with pop culture without bogging it down with writings about subjects or works from years ago, I’ve decided to dedicate a page called Throwbacks to which I’ll be contributing regularly. While it pretty much lets me indulge in nostalgia, it more importantly allows me to possibly introduce a work to someone that may yet to experience it. While the reasons may seem slightly selfish, I can’t help but help get excited I get when I introduce someone to Brain Michael Bendis’ Daredevil run or have them listen to DJ Shadow’s  Endtroducing….. for the first time. It’s an important part of this blog, especially since much of my past experiences with various form of art have influenced how I view and study it now. I’m extremely nostalgic by nature so hopefully I’ll have plenty to contribute here.


~ by johnkarma on April 30, 2014.

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